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Suzanne E:

"A talented musician and teacher, who is genuinely responsive to his students' needs.

My son took piano lessons from Jon at a time when he wanted to experiment with different types of musical expression. Jon was extremely responsive to his needs, and worked with him on everything from improvisation, to jazz licks to a Brahms ballade. Jon understands that teaching music is not a "one-size-fits-all" endeavor, and draws on his wide range of musical experience to tailor a program that's right for your child. He is an extremely talented musician and a dedicated, caring teacher."

Laura G:

"Jon is superb

My stepson took drum lessons with Jon for at least three years. I was impressed with my kid's progress on his drum set. Jon is so passionate about music, and I could see my son really connect to Jon easily. Jon was very available to discuss schedule changes and is a very nice down to earth guy. I highly recommend him."

David Z:

"Amazing teacher and all around phenomenal artist!

I took lessons from Jon for over 8 years, twice a week, including Jazz/Blues piano, voice, theory, and even drums. Let me first say that Jon is an all-around amazing artist that can master many instrument or genre of music. Taking lessons with him was something I looked forward to every week. He was an expert in all things jazz and blues, and really explained the theory and techniques well. I learned so much from him over those years that I can never repay. Unfortunately, he moved away to Cali, and I have not yet found a replacement that even comes close. I highly recommend Jon for music lessons in any instrument."

Shawn H:

"Jon teaches how to play music, not just how to play an instrument.

As an experienced musician looking to gain proficiency on the drum set, Jon was a great teacher in that after he laid out the basics for me, we would finish most lessons with him on the piano and me applying what I'd learned by just playing music.

After a couple years of not playing the drums, I was able to review the materials he provided and pick up where I left off. I just played my first gig as a drummer and it went great! thanks jon..."

Tria S:

"Jonathan Steinmeier is a wonderful piano teacher.

Jonathan taught my son Owen piano for two years, and began to work with my daughter as a beginner. He is a clear, gentle, and flexible teacher. He responds to the personality of each child. With my son he offered a lot of praise, and with my daughter he was very good at creating structure and "just right" challenges. It worked perfectly for us.
He was always on time, came to the house which was incredibly helpful, and created a clear list of what each of my children were to work on during the course of the week. Aside from all this, he is a talented professional musician playing with fantastic bands such as Mucca Pazza."

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