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Owner/Teacher Jon Steinmeier

I am a graduate of the Wheaton Conservatory of Music with a in Piano and Composition, and have taught private piano and drum lessons for over 15 years, as well as lessons in guitar, bass, and theory and composition.  I have experience with students as young as 6 and as old as 75.  I've performed with many bands over the years (US and Europe) including Mavis Staples, Andrew Bird, Mucca Pazza, Bobby Conn, The Detholz, Paris Delane, and Tim Booth (James).


My approach to teaching is fun and varied according to students' needs and personalities.  I teach reading, ear training, theory, technique, composition, song writing, performance, etc...and want to work with students on music that THEY want to learn.

What I aim to do is foster a love for music making, and an understanding of it that students can continue to build on their entire lives. 

I work with students on classical, jazz, pop, rock, and other genre playing as well as improvisation, composing, and recording/producing.  

In each lesson, I write down a set of goals for the week.  These might include pages from the books we are working in, scales and chord cadences, listening assignments, and even writing assignments.  Students have a clear understanding what's expected of them, and I also want them to keep track of their practice times.  

My work outside of teaching is spent using these sames skills that i teach, from composing to improvising to reading to performing and recording on piano, drums, bass, guitar, ukulele, and even melodica.  

Check out some recent writing and playing below! 

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